Westin lures



The hunter becomes the hunted thanks to these wickedly flexible lifelike lures produced by Scandinavian predator specialist Westin.

Percy the Perch, Mike the Pike and Tommy the Trout have a seductive swimming action that attracts big predators from far and wide.

Up close, the fluttering fins are more than instinct can stand, and the predators can’t help but strike!

These may seem alien to the tiny lures used for catching perch on canals, but these lead-free imitations have already been tested in the UK and caught plenty of fish.

Underwater footage of the lures in action can be viewed on YouTube – search for Underwaterireland. They are available from www.pecheur.com

Enterprise Replica Lupin Beans




These days fake baits are no longer considered new, and thousands of day-ticket carp probably get to see imitation grains of sweetcorn every day – but these Enterprise replica lupin beans might just offer them something completely different.

Whether they differ enough in appearance from large plastic sweetcorn and maize baits is open to debate, but these almost kidney-shaped particles, in two sizes and flavours, could just make a difference on hard-fished waters.