Daiwa baits to give you an advantage

In an unprecedented move tackle giant Daiwa has branched into the bait market.

The new Advantage range, now available at a tackle shop near you, was formulated by World and European Champ William Raison and his Hungarian counterpart, Tamas Walter. 

Daiwa’s mission has been to supply quality baits to suit the angler who wants ‘out of the bag’ solutions to popular techniques.

All five of the groundbaits break down quickly to release their attractants and particles, pulling fish into your swim fast. 

The Method Box contains 500g of quality micro pellets with a liquid additive that helps to make their bankside preparation fast, easy and consistent. 

Semi-buoyant hookbaits are also available. in 6mm-8mm and 8mm-10mm sizes, in four colours and popular flavours.

Daiwa Advanta bait shot.jpg


Advantage groundbaits.jpg


GREEN Bream attracts and holds grazing bream and skimmers on the deck. The fishmeal content is high enough to satisfy aggressive summer feeding, but also light enough for slower winter sport. 

Larger ingredients ensure enough free offerings to keep fish feeding on particles and prevent ‘gill feeding’. Smaller particles deliver attraction.

USES: Combine with soft pellets or micros on pole or feeder.

Ideal on pole with dead maggots or chopped worm. Perfect with Method and groundbait feeders for bream and skimmers.


FISHMEAL and other key ingredients deliver a versatile pole or feeder mix for bream, roach, hybrids, carp and F1s. It’s also the ideal base mix. 

It delivers active particles – some big enough to keep fish searching around. It will carry food items ready to be cupped or balled in. Mix it dry and fluffy, or with more water to make it inert.

USES: Mix with chopped worms, casters or dead maggots when pole fishing. Try it with a small feeder at close range to catch everything.


For F1s and small carp, this mix has a crushed pellet base to carry plenty of water and produce an attractive hanging cloud. It also breaks up fast to quickly deliver your added particles. Especially effective in shallow margins, it can also be used as a slop when fishing shallow or tight against far-bank margins.

USES: In summer mix it with larger pellets and micros, and use with soft pellets or dead maggots as hookbait. In winter use only with maggots.


THIS fine-textured mix breaks down quickly. Little or no bait will come off on the splash, but it creates an almost instant cloudy attraction. A lower fishmeal level ensures a non-rich mix to appeal to many species.  

USES: For all Method techniques that require quick bait release. Mix 50:50 with micros for high feed loading.


Big Carp singles out those bigger fish. A heavy and inert mix, it can be combined with bigger, visible particles to keep fish on the deck. 

Its stickiness make it easy to add items such as corn, dead maggots or meat. Knowing the groundbait will break down slowly, you can target the spot late on when match fishing. 

USES: Baiting up margins or far-bank zones for late-on effectiveness. Can be potted loose into marginal areas.


All five of these Daiwa groundbaits are easy to mix, and have strong aromas with good non-soluble colours. They can also be mixed quite stiff simply by adding more water and leaving to stand – perfect for longer casts when feeder fishing or targeting deep water. 

Prepared F1 Mix has a pleasing soft and fluffy feel, while the Big Carp mix, sure to be Daiwa’s best seller, contains lots of coloured particles, mixes heavily, and will be a favourite with commercial matchmen targeting the margins. 

Price: £3.99


Advantage hook-baits.jpg

FOR feeder or float work, these semi-buoyant hookbaits can be balanced to your hook for perfect presentation. 

In two sizes per tub – 6mm-8mm and 8mm-10mm – they can be attached by bayonet or bait band, and come four colours and flavours. 

Between them Yellow Sweetcorn, Red Krill, Orange Chocolate and Natural Scopex will cover all tactics as the fishing year progresses.


The soft, non-split and crumble-free texture of these semi-buoyant hookbaits makes them ideal for bayonets and bands alike. 

In good colours and popular flavours, they are quite buoyant, and we would suggest that you should go a hook size above your normal choice to ensure perfect presentation.

Price: £4.99


Advantage Method Box.jpg


THE Method Box makes light work of preparing micros for all Method techniques. Just add the 75ml bottle of booster liquid, plus the same amount of water, to the 500g of pellets, shake and leave for 30 minutes. The result? Ready-to-go pellets. Choose between Betaine Green, Krill Red and Scopex Natural colours and flavours.


We suggest you tip the 75ml of liquid flavouring into a small bait box, then add the extra 75ml of water. This distributes the flavours evenly. The box also needs to be shaken regularly to stop the flavouring water settling on the bottom. 

Daiwa recommends 30-60 minutes of prep time. Once fully dampened, the sticky pellets can be applied with confidence to any Method mould. 

Price: £5.99

New lures from Fox Rage

If you’re targeting pike, perch or zander this winter, it’s odds-on that you already own a few Fox Rage and Salmo items. After all, the brands cover every conceivable tackle requirement for the serious predator angler

Since its launch here in the UK, Rage has firmly installed itself as the market leader and this year have added to their expanding range with more must-have terminal tackle and lures, and the rods and reels to go with them.

With Salmo releasing several exciting new lure patterns too, we headed to their Essex HQ to find out more about the kit hitting the shops now...


copy fisrt Replicant Perch.jpg

THE Fox Rage Replicant family has been further expanded with two incredible new additions. The Replicant Trout, with highly realistic detailing, delivers a swimming action irresistible to predators. Key features include a belly hook rotation system to maintain hook holds. In four sizes – 10cm/20g, 14cm/55g, 18cm/90g and 23cm/155g. The Replicant Perch sees the brilliant characteristics of one of the most successful swimbaits of all time worked into a perch format. The lure uses a super rip-resistant body material and features the proven Replicant swimming action. In three sizes – 10cm/20g, 14cm/55g and 18cm/85g.



Fox Rage Critters in a range of colours and sizes deliver a crayfish imitation with real predator appeal. Fish them on jigheads, weedlessly Texas-style, or any other way the fish want them. 

They feature multiple appendages, including uniquely shaped front claws, and have hook slots for completely weedless rigging. In three colours – Ultra Violet Dark Oil, Lemon Tiger and Natural – and a choice of 7cm and 9cm size. 



THIS is a deep-bodied floating crankbait with a square lip designed to deflect the lure over bottom snags. Its new, larger 6cm size is perfect for all freshwater predators. An extremely durable body helps it to withstand damage from underwater structures.



A LARGER, limited edition version of the legendary Slider, perfect for big predators. This 16cm sinking version is perfectly suited to heavy-duty casting and trolling.



THIS classic Salmo crankbait with an incredible action is now available in a smaller 9cm length. In Hot Pike and Pike colours, its floating body is perfect for shallow running from 0.5m down to 1m.  

Van Den Eynde super roach review

VDE Super roach.jpg

I’ve used Van Den Eynde groundbaits for as long as I’ve been fishing and thanks to the sheer size of the range on offer from the Belgian bait giants, every UK fishing base is covered from tench on estate lakes to carp on commercial fisheries.

For me though, 90% of my fishing year involves targeting roach on venues as diverse as big tidal Norfolk rivers to intricate Fenland drains and Midlands canals. The redfin is the dominant fish and they all seem have one thing in common - they love having a bit of groundbait thrown at them.

I could get technical and talk about using a groundbait mix that’s 20% of one thing, 30% of another and so on but I won’t. That’s down simply to Van Den Eynde Super Roach, a groundbait that’s incredibly versatile. In short, I only need to take this mix to tackle a wide range of fisheries.

Mixed on the dry side, Super Roach is spot on for shallower venues but overwet it and it becomes super sticky, perfect for deep fast flowing water. In either consistency, the groundbait can carry lots of particles without breaking up before you want it to and it’s also available in a natural brown or dark black colour for both summer and winter fishing.

Oh and don’t be fooled by the name – skimmers and bream don’t half love a bit of Super Roach too!

RRP: £3.99 for a kilo bag

Dynamite Baits new river range

Dynamite Big fish river range.jpg

With impeccable timing, Dynamite has launched a new collection of baits on the very eve of the new season. The company’s track record of blending proven fish-catching ingredients is evident in the Big Fish River Range. 


This high feed content groundbait includes a rich assortment of crushed and ground pellets and hemp, as well as selection of proteins. The inclusion of plenty of quality shrimp and krill meal gives it a potent fishmeal aroma. It’s ideal for balling in or for use with a large feeder, even in fast-flowing water. In 1.8kg bags.

Price: £5.99


WITH a proper whiffy cheese and garlic aroma, this groundbait is nailed on for success with big chub, carp and barbel. Best suited to highly coloured and cold water, the recipe includes a potent garlic extract, plus turmeric and Butyric acid – a hugely popular attractant used in many of Dynamite’s carp baits. In 1.8kg bags.

Price: £5.99


THESE tough-textured pastes can be wrapped around any inert hookbait to enhance its potency. A slow-melt formula provides long-lasting attraction – flavours are definitely not washed out within minutes of hitting the riverbed.

Price: £4.99 per tub


THESE high food content River Busters are slightly soft boilie-style baits that leak off attractants on impact. Needle-friendly, they are perfect for hair-rigging without drilling. The fishmeal base mix contains garlic powder, garam, turmeric and powdered Robin Red.  

Price: £4.99 per pot


THOSE viscous liquids can be added to groundbait and pellets or used as hookbait glugs. They cloud the water and leak attractive food signals downstream, pulling fish towards them. In 500ml bottles.

Price: £4.99

bait-tech’s new pellets and mixes...

Bait-tech has added new pellets, groundbaits and liquids to its wide portfolio this season – and there’s no doubt these will all be welcomed with open arms, particularly by commercial match anglers. 

The Suffolk company, known for using only high quality ingredients, has also expanded the popular Special G range.

Last year’s best-selling The Juice liquid is now also available as a stunning and easy-to-mix sweet fishmeal-flavoured groundbait with a rapid breakdown speed perfect for match fishing.


Bait-Tech’s new The Juice Groundbait is made to target large numbers of big fish quickly on commercials. A fast breakdown with low binding properties gives it endless mixing options, but it is particularly good when over-wetted as a ‘slop’ mix. 

Packed with quality fishmeals, this groundbait has a characteristic sweet note common to all other The Juice products. Perfect for pole work, and any kind of feeder fishing, this intensely flavour-packed bait will get an instant reaction in your swim from carp, F1s, skimmers, bream, barbel and ide.

Price: £3.99

2) THE JUICE WAFTER dumbells

The Juice Dumbell Wafters.jpg

Following the success of its original The Juice hookbaits, Bait-Tech has added Pellet Wafters to the range. In 8mm and 10mm versions with two colours per pot, they enable you to match your hookbait to your feed pellets. Easily attached via a bait band or bait bayonet, carp of all sizes will find these critically-balanced offerings irresistible.

Price: £3.75


Stick Mix Liquids.jpg

These will heighten the attraction of any feed or bait. All four flavours – Scopex, Berry, Pineapple and Krill – are PVA-friendly, and ideal for use with solid bags and mesh sticks, when their water-soluble rich flavours will leach off intense flavours around your hookbait. The liquids can also be used to bind micro pellets together for Method tactics.

Price: £7.99


Super Seed Hemp and Corn.jpg

Two great carp baits are brought together in a can, where they are cooked to seal in all the freshness without the need for chemicals or additives. 

For its Super Seed particles range, Bait-Tech uses only the finest A Grade seeds.

Price: £2.25


Special G Glug.jpg

Special G glug can enhance any spod mix, soak pellets, or be added to paste and groundbait mixes. The viscous liquid also works brilliantly when dripped directly on to your hookbait, as it slowly melts away to leave an attractive flavour trail.

Price: £6.99


Special G soft _hooker pellets.jpg

These are versatile enough for both waggler and hair-rigged Method feeder work. They are made from Bait-Tech Xpanda pellets, pumped full of gelatine, fishmeal, and proven   attractors prior to drying. 

At the end of the manufacturing process you find pellets that are not only easy to use without splitting or crumbling, but brilliant fish-catchers. Special G Soft Hookers come in three variations – Dark, Green and Gold – to complement all Special G groundbaits. 

Do note, these pellets are best stored in a dark, cool location as they can degrade if exposed to direct sunlight. 

Price: £2.39


Big Carp Method Mix.jpg

ADF technology processes the ingredients in Big Carp Method Mix, maintaining their high nutritional value. 

Bait-Tech’s fishmeals are derived from human grade quality fish. The rich, high protein amino-packed food content of Big Carp Method Mix will hold feeding fish in your swim for a long time. 

Price: £5.99


Pro Natural Fine Lake dark.jpg

New Pro Natural Fine Lake Dark, for use on rivers and natural stillwaters, is rich in milled coconut, molasses and hemp, with a sweet aroma to hold fish in your swim. Its sticky makes it perfect for carrying maggots, casters, hemp and pellets.

Price: £4.49

Sensas IM7 bait range revealed!

French bait and tackle giant Sensas has launched a stunning selection of baits aimed at the commercial match angler. 

The company’s latest IM7 range comprises groundbaits and pastes, feed and hooker pellets, mini boilies, and Bombix bait dips and sprays.

These new baits and additives, which were more than two years in development, combine strong aromas with proven fish-catching flavours and solid, vibrant colours. 

The new IM7 groundbaits will all double-up for use as pastes (ideal wrapping boilies), while the equivalent IM7 pellets in three sizes – micro (2mm), 4mm, and 6mm – all have accurately calculated breakdown times so you know exactly when to recast.

IM7 Commercial pellets.jpg

IM7 Extruded Pellets/Expander Pellets 

These IM7 feed pellets come in micro, 4mm and 6mm sizes and in seven different flavours – Amino Red, Yellow Vit, Red Strawberry, Green Garlic, Betaine, Natural and Fishmeal. 

The sinking pellets, of a uniform size and shape, are perfect for feeding via a catapult or hooking with a band. The Black Squid micro pellet is sure to become a firm favourite for winter/clear water Method feeder tactics.  

 Price: £4.49

bombix IM7 color liquid

ADD a splash of colour to your pellets with Bombix colour liquid in green, yellow, red or black.

Once your hookbait has reached the bottom it will then emit a small halo of colour that carp are said to find irresistible.

Price: £3.49

IM7 soft pellets

These well-rolled and super-attractive mini boilie baits won’t split or crumble when used with hair rig attachments. They are available in the same colours and flavours as the other Sensas IM7 baits and feeds. 

Price: £3.99

Sensas IM7 carp groundbaits and pastes.jpg

IM7 groundbaits

The latest IM7 groundbaits come in five flavours – Yellow Vit’Min, Black Squid, Amino Red, Green Garlic/Betaine and Natural Fishmeal. 

A natural base mix means they can be customised to your own requirements with the use of additives. Powerful attractants will draw fish into your swim.

Price: £4.49

IM7 soft hook pellets 

THESE soft hook pellets are ready to use straight from the tub, and are available in 4mm and 6mm sizes and four flavours. 

For use as hookbaits, they come already coloured and aroma-boosted. 

Attractants are impregnated through the pellets for increased leakage and effectiveness… and because they have a fairly robust consistency, they stay well on the hook.

Price: £2.99

Sensas IM7 Commercial liquids.jpg

IM7 commercial liquid

These new IM7 liquid bait boosters are ideal for flavouring pastes, meat, corn, feed pellets, and hookbait expander pellets. Even if your pellets are pre-flavoured, a quick squirt with Booster will provide an added edge. 

They come in the same new IM7 flavours and colours as the rest of the range.

Price: £3.99

Dynamite's new array of baits

Dynamite’s latest array of new offerings comes hot on the heels of its last big boilie introductions.

Carp deity Terry Hearn’s all-season Complex T Boilies now come with matching feed pellets and paste, while that perennial favourite, Monster Tiger Nut, also gets its own uniquely flavoured retinue of matching pellets.

Add to these additions to the Frenzied Feeder Pulses & Particles range, cooked in the jar to retain all their natural goodness... X-tra Active Stick Mix... and Tuff Paste and lead wrap in Dynamite’s most popular flavours... and you begin to see why the company’s products are the first choice for carp anglers who take their sport seriously. 

IMG_91306 copy.jpg


These premium grade refined oils come in Smoked Salmon, Tiger Nut, Hemp, Citrus and Robin Red flavours, and are thin enough to be injected into solid PVA bags or squirted directly on to baits and feeds. In water they emit an attractive rising flavour slick, drawing fish towards your hookbait. In 300ml bottles. 

Price: £4.99 

Active Stick mix.jpg


Used straight from the tub, new Fishmeal, Sweet and Nutty, and Spicy flavours. Team them with PVA mesh sticks and solid bags to make the perfect base mix to which chopped boilies, pellets or particles can be added. In 650g tubs.  

Price: £4.99 

Monster Tiger nut pellet.jpg


Monster Tiger Nut boilies are quite superb for targeting really big French carp. Their sweet, nutty aroma has a proven track record. 

The only things missing from the Tiger Nut range were matching pellet feeds, and now Dynamite has plugged the gap with these 4mm, 6mm and 8mm pellets in 900g bags. 

Price: £4.99 

Pulses and Particules.jpg

frenzied feeder pulses & particles

These Dynamite Baits premium particles are cooked inside the jar to retain all their natural oils, attractants and goodness. 

No preservatives are added to these natural baits in 2.5-litre jars.Krill, Naked and Sweet & Milky are the latest versions to hit the shelves. 

Price: £10.99 

New Dynamite pastes.jpg


New Tuff Pastes have a strong texture for wrapping around boilies and leads. In Complex T, The Source, Crave, Monster Tiger Nut and Red Amo flavours, they contain all key ingredients found in the matching boilies. The paste breaks down to leave a cloud of enticing attractants and flavours around your hookbait.

Price: £4.99

fox rage's range of replicant lures for pike fishing

Every predator angler will recognise the Fox Rage brand – after all, the company’s iconic Replicant lures have been seen around banks and boats for decades. 

The lifelike, soft plastic swimbaits have caught countless large pike and zander here at home and all across Europe. 

The great news is that the latest Wobble, Shallow and Realistic Replicant models are better than ever, with more colour choices, more baitfish imitations and an improved ‘wounded’ movement in the water. Basically, if it has teeth and is of a predatory disposition, something in Replicant’s extended family will be mistaken for an easy meal.  

Price: £4.99-£9.99

Shallow slow sinking Silver Bleak.jpg

fox replicant shallow

A innovative take on the original Replicant, the Shallow model takes lures into uncharted territory. With its balanced soft body and weighted harness arrangement, it can be worked just beneath the surface. 

Presented super-slowly, it has a hugely seductive swimming action.

When a fish is hooked the harness detaches from the lure body, transferring the weight of the soft plastic away from the hookhold so the fish can’t use the mass of the lure to throw the hook. This also protects the lure from being damaged by the fish’s teeth. In 10 colour options, including the exciting Super Natural. 

Sizes: 18cm/65g 23cm/130g

Jointed Replicant Perch.jpg

Replicant jointed

This jointed swimbait will get you strikes when other lure types are struggling. In two sizes, it delivers a wide swimming, S-shaped action on the retrieve, which is all down to its segmented body design.

Wobble Replicant Zander 7.5cm.jpg

fox replicant wobbles

The new generation of Wobbles comes In 10 colours, with the same belly hook rotation system as the Shallow. A large paddle tail creates loads of vibration. 

Upgraded body material will withstand the most violent attacks

Sizes: 14cm/55g  18cm/90cm 23cm/155g

Realistic Roach Replicant.jpg

realistic roach replicant

This brilliantly lifelike lure is based on the ultimate prey fish and uses Fox Rage’s new super-resistant lure material. 

A belly hook rotation system and high-end hooks make for a formidable combination when a fish hits. Three colour options (Super-Hot, Super Natural and Super Wounded) mean you can ring the changes to get predators interested.

Sizes: 14cm/45g  18cm/85g

Realistic Pike Replicant Natural.jpg

Realistic pike replicant

Pike eat pike, there’s no denying that, and that’s exactly what the Rage Realistic Pike Replicant takes advantage of. 

In 20cm and 25cm sizes, the lure is highly realistic in profile, while its large paddle tail delivers a thumping, rolling action that pike find almost impossible to ignore.

Sizes: 20cm/100g   25cm/155g

All you need to know about mainline match baits

For many carp anglers, the only way is Essex – or, more accurately, Mainline Baits, a company based there and famed for its cult status boilies including Cell, Essential Cell, Activ-8 and Grange.

These, alongside a plethora of pellets, pastes, base mixes, liquids, dips, glugs and additives – not to mention matching wafters, dumbells and pop-ups – make Mainline a one-stop shop for discerning bivvy-dwellers.

Now, not content with dominating the big-carp bait scene, Mainline has joined forces with its neighbour Guru, just up the road, to release Match baits aimed at commercial anglers. 

The full range, which I am reliably told is just the first wave of what will be a tsunami of new products, includes three groundbaits, two types of feed pellets, syrup liquids, and 8mm boilie, wafter and dumbell wafter hookbaits.

Activated coarse pellets

These pellets transmit a stream of attractive food signals through the water layers, whipping the fish into a feeding frenzy. Activated Coarse Pellets are best soaked and softened and used in conjunction with Hybrid and Method feeders. They can also be enhanced with Mainline Sticky Syrups. In 2mm, 4mm, 6mm and 8mm sizes.

Price: £3.50

Cell activated pellets

Mainline Cell can present a strong case for being one of the finest carp attractors and feed stimulants of all time – its record speaks for itself. As a result, Mainline’s Activated Pellets in combination with Cell should be a sure-fire winner for carp, bream and tench.

In re-sealable 1kg bags, the pellets are available in 2mm, 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm sizes.

Price: £3.99

8mm match boilies

Using the proven flavours and additives for which the Mainline brand is famous, 8mm Match Boilies are rolled from a high-leakage base mix packed full of attraction. 

Ideal for hair-rigging situations, these relatively small boilies are available in four stand-out colours and flavours – Orange (Chocolate), White (Cell), Pink (Tuna) and Yellow (Pineapple) – and come in handy resealable tubs.

Price: £3.99

8mm match wafters

These easy-to-use Mainkine Dumbell Wafters offer an alternative shape to their round counterparts, and not only present something rather different to fish that have seen it all, but are equally as easy to hair-rig. 

Their ideal partner is a size 12 Guru QM1 hook, and they come in the same four colours and flavours as the Match Boilies – Orange (Chocolate), White (Cell), Pink (Tuna) and Yellow (Pineapple). 

Price: £3.99

8mm rounded match wafters

These 8mm rounded Mainline Wafters are critically balanced when used in conjunction with a size 12 Guru QM1 hook. 

This deadly combination allows your hook to find its natural position, and because its weight is counterbalanced you can expect many more hook-ups. Ideal for use with Hybrid and Method feeders, they are available in the same flavours and colours as the others in the Match Boilie range.

Price: £5.99

sticky syrups

These thick, viscous, PVA-friendly liquids are extremely active when added your baits, and once in water they disperse instantly along the bottom and as well as sending a
hi-attract cloud up to the surface.

Price: £4.99 

Match Margin Mix (Coarse)

Full of particles and complemented by super-rich fishmeals and ground pellets, Match Margin Mix holds fish on the bottom for longer. To that end it is heavy and full of feed.

Price: £4.50

Method Mix

This super-fine mix breaks down perfectly every cast and incorporates hand-picked fishmeal and ground pellets for added attraction.

Price: £4.50

Match Pole Mix

The main ingredient is finely-milled expander pellets, which offer the perfect base for holding fish but don’t overfeed them.

Price: £3.99

Ringer's Chocolate Orange Gel

Here's another sewn-on winner from family-run Ringers Baits. This latest gel additive perfectly matches the lip-smacking aroma of the award-winning Chocolate Orange Wafters.

Spray this sticky, viscous product directly on to wafters, mini-boilies, corn, meat or pellets and it will stick tenaciously to the lot, offering added taste and food appeal.

Price: £5.99  


BAG ‘EM Baits’ new Sweet Fishmeal and Sweet Krill groundbaits in re-sealable 2kg bags are ideal for both commercial and natural venues. All Round Groundbaits contain a mix of proven fish-catching sweet and savoury fishmeal-based ingredients. Skimmers, carp, F1s, bream and tench are sure to love them – and so will you.

Price: £5.49

Floaters - The Krill

You can now harness the awesome pulling power of The Krill for surface fishing! Using a unique double coating process, these high-protein floating pellets leak out attraction to pull carp into your swim and hold them there.

The first coating breaks down as soon as the pellets hit the water, releasing food signals and carrying potent fragments of bait across the surface. The second coating then starts to pump super-soluble attractors into the water to draw up fish not already on the surface.

The attractive oils locked in during the coating process give off an impressive slick as the coatings break down, which flattens off any ripple and attracts carp without the need to carry extra oil for glugging.

They’re supplied in 3kg bags and available in 3mm, 6mm and 11mm.

RRP: £12.99

Adrenaline Nano Pellet Boost review

Angling Times takes a first look at new kid on the block Adrenaline Baits as unveils its super-potent range of additives.

Adrenaline Baits, which are distributed by the Middy Group, is about to introduce three very distinctive and highly potent bait additives – Plasma, Method Crystals and Nano Pellet Boost. 

These can be used in conjunction with baits including pellets, meat, corn and all popular groundbaits. 

Field trials have found the additives particularly effective when used in conjunction with Method tactics, so they are sure to be sought out by commercial match anglers looking for an edge.

To bank-test these baits I took them all along with me on a recent live tackle test. 

In short, I was hugely impressed by all three products, but especially the four super-potent powdered White Cloud, Green Cloud, Red Cloud and Yellow Cloud Nano Pellet Boosts. 

These are so strong that they can change the colour of standard coarse fish feed pellets and lighter coloured expander hookbaits, providing the angler with a host of pellet alternatives on hard-fished match venues. 


‘Use sparingly’ it says on the packaging and, sure enough, a little goes a long way with all these Adrenaline Baits products. 

Nano Boost pellet powder is unlike anything else on the market, such is its strength and vibrancy of colour.

Method Crystals leak off quickly, and are again extremely potent, so you don’t need loads when loading a Method feeder. 

Finally, the viscous Plasma Liquids include a useful and unique Black Worm colour and flavour, likely to be of interest to anyone using chopped worm as feed or hookbait in clear water. As additives that offer both flavour and colour, they’re impressive!


Add just a few of these crystals into your feeder mould to give off a highly visible fish-attracting coloured fog over the lakebed. Secret trials revealed that Adrenaline Method Crystals will increase fish activity in your swim, giving you that all-important edge. 

Available in Green Fog, Yellow Fog, Black Fog and Red Fog, the crystals can be used in tandem with Adrenaline Plasma for double the attraction.

Price: £3.99


Add Adrenaline Plasma to Method feeder set-ups, or neat to pellets, corn and meat, to create an irresistible trail of smell and colour. It’s thick and super-concentrated, with an incredibly potent aroma. Use it with Adrenaline Method Crystals to create a highly visible coloured fog around your feeder and draw fish to your bait.

Available in five versions – Black Worm, Red Worm, Yellow Corn, Pink Meat and Natural Pellet.

Price: £4.99  


Add just a tiny pinch of this unique powdered attractant to dampened feeder pellets, meat or corn and the colour will be transformed. A s the bait falls through the water it will now give off an irresistible cloud - It's like having gold dust in a 30ml tub! Available in bright fluorescent Green, Yellow and red plus an outstanding white cloud that's ideal for the use with expander pellet hookbaits. 


Price: £4.99