SKS Alarm and receiver set

First thing you’ll notice about this bite alarm kit is the free bivvy ligh. Offering standard illumination, it’s also paired with all the alarms in the set so it will turn on when you get a beep at your rods. Features include two super-bright LEDs in the ears – one illuminates for a run, while the other lights up when you get a drop-back bite. Direction of line movement is signalled with a different tone. 

Two smaller bulbs under the roller wheel also light up when you get a bite, and these can also be switched on permanently as a subtle ‘night light’. There are six different volume settings (plus silent mode); four sensitivity levels;
a low-battery warning and seven tone adjustments. 

Collar locks on the screw threads make lining up units on your buzzer bars simple. The battery compartment has a plastic slide-off door with no rubberised seal, but it’s a snug fit and Sonik claims 100 per cent waterproofing. 

Price: £149.99

Sonik SKS alarm and reciever set.jpg