Preston Innovations Absolute 36 White Edition fishing seatbox

Building on the success of its Absolute Station seatboxes, Preston Innovations has added some superb new features to make its next-generation ‘butt rests’ better than ever with this 36 White Edition.

The new design is based around a 36mm profile six-leg system which offers unrivalled stability and looks the part too. Low-profile mudfeet take a couple of inches off the height of the seat, so you can set it up with a very low skyline presence when the need arises.

The weight of the boxes has been trimmed down, and it doesn’t stop there. The footplate is secured in place (two positions to choose from) by spring-loaded quick-release pins which can be precisely locked open or closed, resulting in rock-solid stability. 

For convenience, the winder tray cassette uses the same quick-release locking pins, and the clever design of the frame allows the cassette to slide out from the front or rear. A spirit level on the frame means you can easily check that your set-up is not on the wonk.

Mention should also be made of Preston’s new Mag Lok locking clips. These can be colour-coded to match your pole winders, and their positive magnetic catch opens and closes securely without risk of the wear and tear associated with most other plastic catches. 

Rather handily, the new Mag Lok units are fully compatible with all original Preston Absolute Station units and seatboxes.

The latest deluxe padded seat now includes a shallow side drawer, which basically makes much better use of the space beneath. It’s perfect for storing winders, general accessories and hooklength boxes.