Middy's new luggage range

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the brand, Middy has treated anglers to the launch of its MX Series luggage. 

In its distinctive black and orange livery all items look modern and stylish but, as always with Middy, there’s more than just good looks on offer here.

Every item has been designed to keep you organised on the bank and protect your precious tackle in transit. Several of these – the MX-6T Holdall, MX-50L Carryall, MX-R820 Roller/Roost Bag,
MX-50C Baits/Accessory Cool Bag and MX-4L and MX-4L Accessory Cases – are made from SkinMax, a material of tightly interwoven nylon threads with a bonded liner.  

Other items feature Hydroseal, a water-repellent and easy-to-clean EVA, sealed to form a watertight bond. www.middytackle.com 

The new range includes

Middy main image.jpg

1) MX-6T Holdall 

 THE 1.85m length will take 12ft two-piece rods and 16m poles. With a hard-wearing reinforced top and bottom, the holdall is star-stitched at critical stress points. You get two gusseted side pockets, a balanced ergonomic carry handle and a padded secure shoulder strap.

Price: £89.99

2) MX-3T Lightweight Holdall

This lightweight holdall is made from a tough 420-denier material, and take 12ft two-piece rods and 16m poles. There’s a zipped main closure and two gusseted side pockets.

Price: £39.99

3) MX-RC1 Padded Rod Case 

A well-padded sleeve that will take a single rod made up with a reel attached. The zip is positioned opposite to the reel to prevent damage to the line.

Price: £32.50

4) MX-R820 Roller/Roost Bag 

AT 82cm wide, this bag will accommodate the very largest pole rollers and features a detachable padded shoulder strap and carry handles. The hardwearing SkinMax material is backed up by twin skin base reinforcement, and star stitching where it’s most needed. 

Price: £69.99

5) MX-40L Lightweight Carryall 

This lightweight carryall has additional twin skin reinforcement on the base. It features padded carry handles, a detachable padded shoulder strap and an open-style side pocket with adjustable strap closure for a keepnet.

Price: £49.99

6) MX-50L Carryall

In addition to the exclusive SkinMax material, this 50-litre carryall boasts a super-durable hard base and star stitching at critical stress points. The main compartment is rigid and there’s an open-style side pocket for keepnets. 

Price: £69.99

7) MX-3L Reel/Accessory Case  

This fully padded three-litre case stores a reel or accessories. A clear zipped flap lid makes the contents instantly visible, and it comes with a detachable padded compartment for storing a spare reel spool, as well as a movable EVA liner.

Price: £15.99

8) MX-4L Accessory Case  

This fully padded four-litre accessory case is made from 840-denier SkinMax material. A clear zipped flap lid allows you to quickly see inside, and it is easy to wipe clean. The EVA moveable liner can be positioned underneath the flap lid for extra padding protection.

Price: £16.99

Also in the range

MX-50C Baits/Accessory Cool Bag 

DOUBLING up as a baits cool bag and tackle bag, the MX-50C is foil-lined to keep baits fresh, and an EVA insert base ensures its thermal properties are retained while it rests on the ground.

Price: £69.99

MX-3NT EVA Nets + Tray Bag

MADE from hardwearing and easy-clean EVA material to ensure zero water leakage when stood upright, the MX-3NT stores three keepnets plus spoon nets with ease. An open-style pocket on the side takes a match tray.

Price: £49.99

MX-HS4L Accessory/Baits/Hook Case 

Water-resistant EVA material and exclusive Hydroseal technology suit this item to storing hook cases, pellet baits or accessories. A clear lid allows you to see the contents at a glance.

Price: £14.99

MX-PS3 Pellet Soaker 

IN a durable mesh material, this pellet soaker has a full zip closure and an ergonomic hard grip handle.

Price: £9.99