Kodex terminal carp tackle

Top specimen carp brand Kodex has added several new items of terminal tackle to its range. 

Everything from ready-rigs to surface controllers has been well thought out, with clever design tweaks that will stack the odds in your favour when targeting pressured and wary carp.

Kodex Multi Rigs.jpg


The Multi is a rig like no other. Its anti-glare size 8 swivel fits all popular lead-clips, and can be switched to a size 11 Flexi/Heli swivel (included) for heli rigs. You get two hook sizes with every rig – choose from sizes
3 & 5, or 5 & 7. 

Hooks are super strong GenomicMGP Chods with micro-ground sharp points and a matt anti-glare finish. 

They’re tied to the latest Micro-Strip 15lb coated hooklink material, which automatically sinks and pins down the rig, leaving you only needing to apply a small amount of Graviton putty on the knot near the hook. 

Also included with each rig is bait floss and a micro rig swivel.

Price: £3.49


This semi-stiff coated hooklink can be stripped to reveal a flexible dyno-core. The pliable outer coating doesn’t crack when knotted. It sinks quickly and pins itself to the lakebed, excellent for bottom or pop-up set-ups. 

This is the same material as used for Kodex’s ready-tied skin-coated stiff rigs and multi-rigs. In 15lb and 25lb options, on 20m spools.
Price: £6.99

Air Zig-Toppers

These buoyant mini hair stops are shaped like a piece of corn and are designed to attract more takes. Available in fluorescent red and yellow colours, they provide added visual attraction to your hookbait, giving carp a target to home in on.

Each pack contains 20 pieces.

Price: £1.99

Kodex Meltz PVA Bags.jpg

Meltz PVA Bags

Extensively tested by Kodex’s expert consultants, Meltz solid PVA bags are strong and securely sealed, but melt down at a quick rate for perfect presentation, leaving virtually zero residue.

They are available in three sizes, each in a plain or perforated version. 

Each packet contains 20 bags.

Price: £2.49