Kodex Predatory pike rigs

If you’re thinking about doing some pike fishing and need to invest in some new wire traces, this new range of specialist Kodex Predatory pike rigs has just about every base covered. 

Made from tough but fine seven-strand wire, with machined crimps, the 50cm-long rigs come in 20lb-25lb breaking strains and are fitted with dependable safety clips. 


Twin Treble Rigs

These rigs, like all others in the range, use high-quality components.

The wire is Japanese seven-strand with hi-carbon X-Strong trebles, matt black size 8 swivels and black copper crimp sleeves. The crimps are tensioned by air pressure technology to squeeze them to the perfect degree of tightness. 

The upper treble is adjustable to accommodate various sizes of bait, then the patented floating crimp can be engaged to stop the upper treble moving. A red attractor fin on the upper treble encourages snap takes.

Price: £1.89

Deadbait Rigs

Kodex Deadbait Rigs have semi-barbless X-Strong black trebles (only one of the points is barbed, and this should be used for mounting the bait). Wire, silicone-covered crimps and attractor fins are the same as on the Twin Treble versions.

Price: £1.99

Single Hook Rigs

These are ideal rigs for lip-mounting bigger baits, with all the technology and precision associated with the more complex rigs in the Kodex Predatory range.

Price: £1.50

Spinner Traces

These wire traces feature a secure safety clip to attach lures quickly and easily.

Always use a wire trace above your lure to ensure you won’t lose fish – pike will cut through mono in an instant, and leaving hooks in pike is very bad angling practice indeed.

Price: £1.75