Taska Threaded Bait Rings

Say goodbye to fiddling around tying on hookbaits with bait floss. Taska threaded bait rings can be used to mount your baits on a variety of presentations including D-rigs, chods, Withy Pool rigs and even zigs.

Simply screw your chosen bait on to the thread and this will hold it in place on even the hardest casts.

The 18mm Flexi Threaded Swivel Bait Rings incorporate a micro swivel to give your hookbaits maximum movement, and the added separation between bait and hook makes it even harder for the carp to eject them.

Flexi Threaded Oval Bait Rings allow the hookbait to run freely on the hook to create perfect pop-up presentations.

RRP Bait Rings £3.95, Oval Bait Rings £4.29, Swivel Bait Rings £4.79