TF Gear Scout 2-Man Bivvy

Being a Yorkshireman I want the biggest bang I can get for my buck, but I don’t want rubbish that’s incapable of doing the job, falls to bits after one season, or has other anglers laughing at me on the bank.

TF Gear’s new Scout 2-Man Bivvy ticks all the boxes for me. It’s absolutely rock solid, totally weatherproof, looks like a professional bit of carp kit and it’s very affordable, unlike many others on the market nowadays.

It’s billed as a two-man bivvy and you can certainly get two bedchairs and associated luggage inside. But, as our pictures show, as a one-man shelter, it’s a positive palace!

If you’re the kind of angler who likes their space, it’s a belter. I put a big, wide bedchair, 3ft x 2ft table, low chair, two rucksacks, food bag and water jerrycan inside and still had oodles of space to stretch out next to the bed under full cover.

I’m terrible at putting up complicated bivvies, but this one was fully pegged down in about four minutes, sight unseen, straight out of the bag. It’s a traditional, three-rib pram hood design and sticks to the ground like a limpet in high winds.

It’s supplied with a set of heavy-duty pegs, not those cheap, nasty lightweight ones that would bend if you pushed them into a strawberry trifle.

For the asking price it has loads of practical features, with six different door options (see panel). Windows are fully mozzie-proof and there’s a zip-open rear ventilation window.
The bivvy comes with a full, heavy-duty groundsheet and tension bars and the nylon body material is of a decent denier thickness, so you know it’s going to keep the rain out and not leak like a sieve as do some ‘budget’ bivvies. You can even get it back in the bag without too much wrestling!

Image is everything on modern carp waters. and no-one will snigger at this. Full RRP is reckoned to be £199.99, but it’s yours from mail-order giant TF Gear for £149.99.