Seymo Spot-On Catapult

These excellent ’pults come in a ‘Super Soft’ version for ranges between 5m and 16m, and ‘Light’ for 8m to 22m.

A stand-out selling feature is that they come with a free spare elastic. Changing the elastic is a doddle – you simply pull the old elastic off the plastic location pegs, wet the new elastic and slide it back on.

The Super Soft version, for close-range accuracy, is fitted with very soft elastic and a rigid micro mesh pouch with a long, solid plastic pull toggle that’s very easy to use.

The Light model has thicker elastic and comes with either a rigid medium mesh pouch or a medium/soft plastic pouch with larger drain holes for ‘wet’ baits.

Both types feature non-slip, moulded handles with raised ridges.

RRP £7.50