Rob Wootton Pole Floats

The 2014 UK Champion and World Pairs wnner Rob Wootton has tried to simplify the confusion surrounding pole floats by introducing just five patterns.

The Slim Finesse is perfect in calm conditions for small carp, F1s and skimmers, especially with pellets, and has a wire stem and 1.5mm bristle. The Slim Power is a beefed-up version for proper carp, with a stronger fibreglass stem, thick hollow bristle and stronger spring eye. Of the two fatter floats, the Chubby looks spot-on for margin fishing while the Nick is a scaled-down version with a finer bristle and stem. Finally there’s a shallow-fishing float with a small fat bristle which Rob reckons is perfect for the ‘slapping’ method.

To find your local stockist, contact the Rob Wootton Fishing page on Facebook or phone him on 07969 203985.

Price: £2 per float