Pro Logic Mimicry 3D Camo Lines

At first glance you could mistake these unique copolymer monofilament lines – which stole the show at last year’s massive Efttex trade event – for braid, such is their depth of colour and camo effectiveness.

The Mimicry 3D pattern is totally absorbed into its surroundings, cloaking it from the sight of even the wiliest of big fish. The unique patterns are achieved by mixing four natural shades and randomly fusing them together to eliminate the profile of the line. This is angling alchemy at its very best, and the camo effect doesn’t appear to smudge or wear off in any way.

Mimicry 3D comes in three different blends – Visual XP, Mirage XP and Water Ghost XP. These lines sink like a stone and have a low diameter in relation to their breaking strain. Reduced stretch and memory enhance their casting qualities and enable instant response to a bite. All come on 1,000m spools in breaking strains from 11lb to 33lb.

Price: £24.99-£35.99