Preston Innovations Pro Flat Roller

Featuring rapid assembly design, this Standard flat roller has a 50cm (20in) wide bed for positive pole location. (The XL model is 70cm (28in) wide and costs £69.99.)

The Pro Flat has earned a reputation as one of the most stable rollers on the market.

Standard roller height is 36cm (14in) but the independently adjustable legs can be extended to a maximum 50cm (20in). The XL variant has a maximum roller height of 70cm (28in).

The main, horizontal roller is one-piece, so it can be a little difficult to ‘double ship’ – ie have one section sitting on the roller while shipping a second. The two, 12cm (5in) upright rollers feature a fast assembly design so you can be fishing in seconds. Made from strong, box section aluminium, the roller comes in its own protective carry case.

RRP £59.99