Preston Innovations On Box Series 3D-5D Seatbox range

Now in its fifth generation of seat boxes, 2015 heralds in three new boxes under the On Box name with the Series 5 D title, offering a box for every budget and level of angler having proved hugely popular with the pleasure and club angler down the years.

Starting with the 3D box, you get a set-up with ultra-stable leg blocks for secure positioning once the hand wheels are tightened up, Leg Levellers to enable correct positioning every time, non-marking anodised telescopic legs, two of which have threaded end caps for fixing on accessories and are finished with articulated extra wide mudfeet, and a re-designed deluxe pole seat. Added to that is a sliding non-slip footplate, removable carry strap and cleverly-placed easy to use hand wheels.

The drawer layout has also been reconfigured to offer the maximum available space and on the 3D you get a deep side drawer unit for terminal tackle, a deep winder drawer unit and double winder tray for pole rigs plus a base unit for bigger items.

The 4D and 5D boxes have exactly the same spec as the smaller 3D, differing only in the drawer layout. On the 4D there’s a deep side drawer, deep winder drawer and two deep front drawers while on the 5D the box packs a deep side and deep winder drawer plus one shallow winder drawer and two deep front drawers.

Supplied with all Series 5 D boxes is an accessory pack worth over £75. That includes two OffBox Pro Snap-Lok Short Keepnet Arms, a large OffBox Pro Side Tray, seat box cover, leg levellers and two Double Slider Winder Trays.

3D RRP: £379.99
4D RRP: £419.99
5D RRP: £439.99