Preston Innovations Commercial Carp Rigs

Five different patterns here, each in two popular sizes, and each clearly marked to tell you exactly what they’re for.

Commercial Carp Rig 1 (Big Bait), Rig 2 (Deck), Rig 3 (Drop), Rig 4 (Shallow) and Rig 5 (Margin) will cover the average commercial pool angler for just about any form of fishing.

Like the Drennan rigs, information on the header card is particularly good and tells you everything you need to know from hook size to rig line and hooklength (in both diameter and traditional breaking strain.

Turn the card over and there’s a useful shotting diagram that not only tells you what shot are required to cock the float correctly, but also precisely where they should go for perfect bait presentation.

RRP £2.99