Octoplus Strongbox DF

There was a time when every match angler who owned a seatbox had it fitted with a set of original Mel Wilde Octoplus levelling system legs.

This eight-sided leg system paved the way for all modern-day seatbox attachments, but it would though be fair to say that the company lost some of its impetuous when Mel Wilde retired.

Now, Octoplus are now back with a bang, manufacturing products in the UK with excellent build quality, longevity and performance. Take the company’s Strongbox DF model. The four-drawer version shown here is unlike any other seatbox currently on the market, produced from UK-sourced components only and assembled at its Lancashire base.

This seatbox is as tough as they come, featuring a choice of four or six cross-drawer top section configurations that divide into two or four fronts, with two full-width sides. Each drawer also features a unique latch-bar system which enables them to be locked into place without retaining pins, straps or magnets.

The under-box storage section can be divided to suit the angler’s requirements, and has enough capacity to hold reels, catapults and hook and float boxes. Octoplus legs are now square, with moveable mud-feet, while accessories including foot-rest, bump bar, and accessory items are all available directly from Octoplus. Contact.www.octoplus.co.uk

Prices: Strongbox DF 4 Draw £175.00. Strongbox DF 6 Draw £210.00. Foot rest £60.00. Spray bar £30.00