Nordik Tackle Octbox D36

The name Nordik Tackle Is synonymous with the Octbox system, an award-winning seat box set-up that’s proven hugely popular with anglers both in the UK and on the continent looking for a one-stop shop of a box to take on a wide range of venues.

2013’s Octbox was a real winner and working on that basis, Nordik retired to the drawing board to produce the D36 Oxtbox, which they believe to be the ultimate seatbox system and when you’ve given it the once over, you’ll be hard-pushed to disagree!

Although it may not look as visually appealing as other boxes on the market, the beauty of the D36 is not simply skin deep. When you take a closer look, you begin to get an understanding as to why the performance is so outstanding and why the box is so very different from  a sea of other boxes all chasing the same holy grail of tackle storage and minimal overall weight.

Tackle Storage is the number one consideration when buying a box but this is where the D36 differs from most. Rather than building the module of drawers and trays upwards to increase height, the D36 has a height adjustment frame housed on the main box legs, which means you can adjust the height that you want to sit at without having to play about with all four legs to get it just right.

That upper module sat underneath the moulded foam pole seat has six drawers, which can be set up to open on the left or right. Four are 2cm deep and fitted with adjustable dividers while the remaining two are 4cm deep with removable trays. Each one is made from alloy and will close with such precision that there’s no space above the drawer for items of tackle to fall out of place or stick up and jam. This means that you can actually tip the drawer module upside down and everything remains in place! If you wish, a 2cm and 4cm drawer can be swapped for a deeper 9cm base to house larger items of gear like reels.

Stability is the next issue and the D36 comes up trumps in that respect as the platform, footplate and frame are constructed from very strong yet light alloys with a manufacturing process requiring more than 180 high precision welds – that means it’s incredibly robust and solid! The all-metal welded leg clamps that fix both the inner and outer legs have less lateral movement than any other system and the clamps are so efficient that it’s possible to tighten them using just pressure from the tips of your fingers. The box has been tested to weight up to 25 stones without slipping too.

Mudfeet are also unique as they are designed not only to support the system on mud but have the ability to dig in and grip on difficult surfaces such as wet grassy banks. 

Also supplied with the box is a barrow conversion kit and because all Octboxes began life as a tackle barrow, the platform of the D36 can be converted in under a minute into a barrow system with a load area that can be extended to 2ftx4ft with one, two or three wheel configurations including an electric-powered option. This removes the need for a separate barrow and speeds up loading and unloading. In fact, it’s possible to convert the box to a barrow and fully load it in just over a minute and you can choose from a single or double-wheeled version.

Everyone likes a few extras with their seatbox and the D36 comes with an in-built adaptor bar that extends out from the sliding footplate to give the angler a greater load area when used as a barrow. This bar when fully extended is rock solid and allows the supplied pole support to be pushed up to 18 inches forward of the front legs. This is a massive advantage when fishing at range when delicate presentation is required in difficult conditions. The added ability to swivel the support to the left or right then allows the angler to create a forward support that does not impede leg movement, landing of fish or placing them in net.  

Finally, let’s look at bait and side trays. The box is supplied with a bait management system that lets the angler have bait in a tray that’s fixed to posts that extend out of the top of the legs by up to 18inches. The level of engineering in this tray means it is so stable that it does not require a support leg. An alloy lid can be extended, raised and tilted to cover the tray and it can be removed in seconds and fitted across the box seat while in barrow mode so the angler can have their bait in place in the tray before they leave home, saving even more time on the bank.

If you really want to splash the cash, there’s a huge amount of accessories available separately. These include powered transport, outrigger systems, back rests and additional modules with 2cm, 4cm, 6.5cm and 9cm drawers.

RRP: £950