Nash Siren S5R Bite Alarms

Nash’s superb value Siren S5 bite alarms are going wireless for 2014 with the launch of the S5 R remote range.

The original S5s, priced at around £25 apiece, were arguably the most exciting buzzers in Britain for the asking price – and justifiably sold by the boatload.

I’ve used them on my tench rods, and on day-session carp runs waters and have nothing but praise for their performance. But they would have been even better with a remote facility.
Now, bowing to public pressure, the lads at Nash have released a remote wireless variant – denoted S5R – that I reckon will take a huge bite out of the British buzzer market.

Heads, with a choice of blue, purple, red or clear LED lenses, cost £59.99 and the receiver (with a range of 400m in good terrain) is also £59.99.

Visually, the S5R alarms are identical to the pocket-friendly S5 model. Just about the only change is an increase in the size of the on/off switch on the new model. The switch on the original was tiny and fiddly to operate.

Just like the originals, the new S5R heads are minimalist in operational features. There’s only a volume control built into the on/off switch but no tone or sensitivity buttons.

They operate off CR2 3v batteries (not included) and, like the originals, have a very slow battery drain for long life.

Heads have a ‘run’ LED and a ‘latching LED. Both are quite small and I like the fact that they’re clearly visible, but not massively bright like some, as there’s nothing worse than being blinded at night when you get up to hit a run.

There’s a built-in line guard and all heads come in good PVC cases that protect them against knocks in transit and ensure the alarms cannot be accidentally switched on and the batteries drained.

The S5R handset is nicely compact and operates off a CR123A 3v battery (not included). Up to four alarms can be programmed in and it is supplied with a lanyard and karabiner.

RRP £59.99