Middy Ready Pole Rigs

The wide range of patterns in this range will cover all pole fishing situations on commercial pools.

Barbless types available include: Paste Carp, Meat Carp, Xtra-Strong Carp, Finesse Carp, Pellet rig, Animal Carp rig designed to cover all depths.

The company also makes a range of ready rigs fitted with special hairs incorporating lassos, bands, springs and bayonets to fish pellets, paste and mini boilies.

A unique selling point is that each rig has been individually tank tested to ensure that it’s bang-on straight out of the packet.

Middy uses its own, high quality floats, rig line, hooklength, hooks and micro shot in construction and each winder displays a sticker giving essential details like float capacity, mainline, bottom and hook size as well as recommended elastic size.

FROM £2.99