Maver S4 Z Frame Seatbox

A box that looks quite different to anything else you’ll see on the bank, the Z frame features a distinctive z-shaped frame and four leg configuration to produce a rock solid and frighteningly strong box that’ll soak up the punishment of many years’ lugging about in sheds, garages and the back of vans.

Made from aircraft grade aluminium, the box is ultra-light but remains robust while the European-patented four leg system produces a box that won’t wobble or creak when you stand up and that’s all down to a non-nonsense design process and top grade materials coupled with quality continental engineering.

Available in four colours – Maver green, white, mango orange or black – this is a box that’ll certainly get you noticed and without the middle set of legs that you’d find on a conventional box, you’re left with room to swing legs around for fishing down the edge on commercial waters, levelling achieved via secure handwheels locked into place with non-slip compression leg blocks. Built-in spirit levels will let you know once the box is dead level.

Like the UFO, this box has unobtrusive half legs for attaching trays and arms plus a sliding non-clip cassette footplate, 30mm round legs, pivoting locking mud feet and a pole style gel seat under which you’ll find a winder tray stashed away and that brings us nicely onto one of the main considerations when picking a seat box – storage.

Three set-ups are on offer, a twin front and single cross drawer, double cross drawer or twin front drawer and double winder tray and to this you can add from the massive range of S4 trays on offer separately. To finish, a sliding module sat on runners beneath the main top unit has a single 50mm tray, which again can be built up with more trays.

The Z Frame also comes supplied complete with accessories worth over £150, including a pole spray bar, side tray, umbrella arm and short keepnet arm.

Price: RRP: £699.99