Maver S4 UFO Seatbox

The flagship seat box for 2015 from Redditch giants Maver, the UFO is a bit of a unique box in that unlike many with a six leg configuration, it sits on just four prongs without sacrificing an ounce of strength and stability.

Less legs means less faffing about getting the height set just right on uneven ground and if you’re that sort of angler, less chance of tackle ending up wrapped around in at the most inopportune moments!

But the UFO is about far more than just legs. Pick one up and it’ll take some time for the head to compute how light the thing is. Maver reckons it’s the lightest box the tackle market has ever seen, lighter even then their Mxi range and you’ll find it hard to argue so no more risks of a hernia when lifting a fully-loaded box out of the car boot.

Available in three different tray layouts to suit your fishing, incredible amounts of thought and engineering have gone into the UFO when it comes to getting it level and the main box unit sits on a square frame that has four ‘floating legs’ which are adjusted individually with an alum key (supplied) to suit exactly the height that you require.

This basically means that once the box is set to suit your height and with a tray system that suits, you now have what is basically a custom-tailored seat box meaning that if you’re a 6ft 6in giant or a somewhat smaller angler, the UFO can be positioned to make the fishing station 100% comfortable and that means more fish in the net at the end of the day.
A clever feature of the box is the use of half legs to attach to the side of the box. These are where you’re normally fix trays, feeder arms and the like but because they’re short, they don’t get in the way when you need to turn slightly to one side when fishing in the margins, leaving that all-important leg room.

Additional features include a sliding non-slip cassette footplate, state of the art hinge/clip locking system while the legs are round and 30mm size with non-slip compression leg blocks for firm fixing, front and side spirit levels, pivoting locking mud feet and a pole style gel seat. Alongside the main box you get an accessory pack worth £150 completely free comprising of a side tray, pole support rest/bar and an umbrella and keep net attachment plus pole winders to fit the trays.

Only one thing then remains – which tray configuration do you go for? Take your pick from a double front and single cross drawer, double cross drawer or twin front and double winder tray layout. Also included is a stacking module with a winder tray and a deeper tray plus handle that slides into the recess below the main unit while under the seat you’ll find yet another tray for taking pole winders – in effect more space that you’ll know what to do with!
Additional tray and drawer modules (sold separately) can be added to both the top and base units if needed to create a seat box that’s built to suit you.

RRP: £799.99