Matrix Superbox Silver Edition

The Matrix Superbox was released to much acclaim in 2012 but as ever in the tackle trade, nothing stays the same for long and the Essex company got their thinking caps on to come up with a box even better than their current steed, the result being something that they consider to be very special indeed.

If looks are anything to go by, the Superbox Silver Edition is a winner hands down with its striking new livery boasting anti-scratch or peel anodised silver grey main frame and legs, which are nicely set-off against an all-black seat module, sliding footplate, and cassette unit. Further visual enhancement comes via the eye catching blue Matrix-embossed hand wheels but tackle is rarely judged on looks alone. It’s how it performs after several months on the bank that really counts.

And Matrix have got it more than right on this score as the Superbox Silver is a stunner. Built around the original Superbox, which means you get the same footplate and sliding cassette unit, improvements include a new top module now features three full length sliding drawers, a configuration of one winder tray, one shallow tackle tray, and one deep tackle tray, both tackle trays coming with pre-fitted dividers. This module can also be turned around so that two of the three drawers are on the opposite side, which is a godsend if you’re a left hander.
Built into the sliding cassette unit stowed under the mainframe is a 90mm deep drawer and winder tray unit and the mainframe has been modified to offer greater strength and stability, meaning that the legs will not slip when tightened up and the new easy grip hand-wheels are very functional, made to give a better grip even when they are in water.

Additional extras sees spirit levels built in for a perfectly level fishing platform, removable padded carry strap, swivel mudfeet and 25mm round legs and super comfortable pole seat with retaining strap.

Price: RRP £579.99