Matrix Match Master Feeder Box

For the angler that fishes the feeder on natural waters, a pole winder tray is as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike and so the Match Master Feeder model does away with shallow storage compartments, going all out with a deep tray and deep drawer unit for holding feeders, bombs, spools of line and an array of terminal tackle for fishing on either a commercial carp water or big lake and river.

Compact and stout, this is the sort of box that can be anchored 20 yards out into the shallows of big lakes and still offer the utmost in stability and levels of performance, the lightweight aluminium frame and 25mm round legs with swivel feet creating a perfectly solid platform alongside the folding footplate with adjustable legs that means you can stand up to land fish or punch feeders out for those valuable extra yards without fear of the whole lot collapsing.

Two main compartments make up the storage of the Feeder Box, a 50mm deep cross drawer unit and a 90mm deep tray that’ll hold feeders, hooks, lines and more, capped off by a solid and comfortable pole seat. This box may be lacking in the extras of its more illustrious brethren but for fishing the tip, it packs all you’ll ever need and much, much more – a real gem.

RRP: £299.99