Kryston Synx

This new coated braid hooklink from Kryston has been in development for over two years and uses the very latest hi-tech fibres and advanced polymers to deliver everything that is required for modern day carp rigs.

Despite its low diameter it maintains excellent strength properties and can be fished with confidence in even the snaggiest of swims. To protect the braid it has been encapsulated with a tough polymer using a multi-layered process – in fact, no less than 30 individual layers have gone in to making the final coating.

Available in Dark and Gold versions you can tailor your rigs to blend in over any lakebed type whether it be soft silt, firm sand, clay or hard gravel.

By using it straight off the spool or by removing a section of coating you have a huge range of rig options to choose from – uni rigs, combi rigs, hinged-stiff links and KD rigs etc. Because of its stiff nature it can even be used for chod rigs and by achieving the desired curve using your finger and thumb it will retain its shape even after capture.

The presentation possibilities of Synx are almost endless and only limited by the extent of your imagination.

RRP: £13.99