Korum Grub Feeders

You're looking at what may be the single biggest step forward in the design of maggot feeders for 50 years.

This unique, inline model is hinged and opens up like a clamshell for filling, and then clicks shut.

It also features a flat, weighted base – an idea borrowed from commercial pool flat Method feeders – so, like them, it always lands correct-side-up, and is less likely to roll when cast on to a sloping bottom, or into fast flowing water.

The Grub Feeder comes complete with a Korum Quick Change Bead and is designed to be free-running on the reel line so, in the unfortunate event of a snap-off, a hooked fish can easily throw the feeder without danger of being tethered.

However, it can be semi-fixed by replacing the bead with a size 10 swivel, or by lightly nipping a size 6 split shot on the line just above the feeder. Like a traditional flat Method feeder, this produces a self-hooking bolt-rig effect.

Like flat Method feeders, Grub Feeders work best with very short hooklengths with around 7cm (3in) being perfect. The Quick Change Bead enables you to change looped hooklengths in seconds.

The feeders are available with 30g (1oz), 60g (2oz) and 90g (3oz) weightings.

River fishermen targeting chub that often pick up and shake maggot feeders will be delighted to hear that every Grub Feeder incorporates a moulded ‘V’-shaped peg on top of the feeder canopy. This is designed to grip your hooklength and allow natural or imitation buoyant maggots to be fished extremely short directly above it.

In tests on both rivers and commercial pools, the Grub Feeder performed well. It’s fast and easy to fill – providing you have a long thumbnail to open the slightly fiddly canopy. Only time will tell how effective this snap-shut locking mechanism will hold.

On several of occasions I reeled in (both with, and without a fish on the line) to find it had somehow sprung open – presumably on impact with the water, or as a result of a struggling fish. Reeling in the open clamshell causes extra drag and line spin.

The canopy is made from high impact plastic but I did manage to knock a 2cm chunk out of one when a mistimed cast bounced off a wooden stage on the opposite side of a small commercial pool.

RRP £1.99 EACH