Korum EZ Chair

Comfortable high-performance fishing chairs have become part and parcel of modern day angling. Long gone are the times when chairs were only spotted in the domain of the carp and specimen angler. Nowadays they are a common sight on commercial day-ticket fisheries, and the added support of a high back panel helps to take the strain out of fishing the pole long.

The first of these ‘chairs for all’ was introduced by Korum around 10 years ago, and from that point it soon became apparent that add-ons such as feeder arms, bait waiters and trolley kits could be attached to them, turning them into one-stop fishing stations.

Korum is still the market leader in angling seats of this type, which leads us nicely on to its latest offering, the EZ Chair.

This fixed position, armless and padded canvas seated chair is built around a sturdy, lightweight metal frame with width adjustable legs that give it an impressively wide footprint when fully extended. This makes it ideal for anglers fishing on soft or slippery surfaces, as it helps to distribute the weight evenly.

The chair is also fully height-adjustable to cope with sloping or uneven banks. One particularly useful function is its ability to fold away flat, taking up little space and making it ideal if you have limited room in the back of your car. As you would expect, it is fully compatible with all Korum and Preston Innovations Off-Box accessory items.

Price: £79.99