Korum 1-Man Carper

The new Korum 1-Man Carper bivvy is the first single rib shelter ever made and, despite offering a highly solid set-up, weighs just 6kg (13lb) including supplied groundsheet tension bars and tent pegs.

There’s a generous amount of room inside, making it perfect for day sessions, quick overnighters, or weekend stays.

Height is 1.5m, width is 2.2m and depth is 2m. That gives ample space for a standard bedchair, side table, rucksack, bait, food bags and cooking gear, with room to spare.

The key to the ‘pram-hood’ style shelter’s unique, easy-erect design is an exclusive ‘Y’ bracket on the outside of each end of the 1-Man Carper.

This clever device enables the front rib to swing forwards to fully stretch the lightweight but ultra-tough and waterproof nylon canopy before it is locked securely in place with a supplied tensioner bar and tensioner strap.

The result is a bivvy that, with practice, can be fully erected and pegged down in as little as four minutes.

Top features include an extending peak system that offers full foul-weather protection and a spacious door that can be rolled neatly away, allowing you to watch the water from your bedchair.

There are no other frills on this design. You don’t get different door designs offering see-through plastic door panels, mozzie nets or separate windows and air vents as you do on some.

The emphasis is on a lightweight, functional and reliable angling shelter that’s within the financial reach of many short/mid-stay carp or specialist anglers.

One problem with lightweight shelters has always been that they don’t inspire much confidence when the wind gets up.

A bivvy that flaps around like an outhouse door in a gale is a nightmare, leaving the poor user sleeping with one eye open and a firm grip on the back of the bivvy – just in case it does a ‘Mary Poppins’. 

Once you’ve got this one pegged down with the supplied, heavy-duty pegs and the top and rear tensioner bars correctly located, the fabric is drum-tight and the bivvy hugs the ground like a limpet.

There are no additional guy rope points, but the Korum 1-Man carper feels like it doesn’t need any.

RRP £134.99