Korda Stow Indicators

Price: Stow heads £6.99

Complete bobbin set: £19.99

Korda has released the second generation of Stow Indicators. The new bobbins stay faithful to the original straight Stix Elstow design, but with an upgraded line clip and a much improved full-colour, translucent, light-refractive body.

The side-mounted clip now features an internal spring to hold the line in position positively without any risk of damaging it.

Offering highly sensitive visual indication, this indicator is great for margin or distance fishing with both slack and tight lines.

To get the best from the system, the indicator must drop from the line when you get a run – this is controlled by the length of chain extension between indicator and bite alarm.

The complete bobbin pack includes two different lengths of chain extension, which locate with magnets into the Stow Stix. As a rough guide, Delkims and alarms of this size are best suited to the short  extension, while smaller alarms like Nevilles and ATTs are ideal for use with the long extension.