Guru Pre-tied QM1 hooks

Match brand Guru has launched its superb eyed QMI circle hooks on pre-tied 4ins and 15ins hooklinks, in the Ready Rigs stable. The pattern, a favourite of World Feeder Champ Steve Ringer, has become a ‘must use’ on all commercials where hair-rigged hookbaits are the norm on either the Method feeder or straight lead.

The 4ins versions rather handily fit straight into a Guru Rig Case, while the 15ins hooklinks are all wound on to EVA foam spools. I admit that I couldn’t tie them any better myself.

They come in Speedstop, Bayonet and Banded versions in hook sizes from 10-18, and line diameters from 0.25mm to 0.1.5mm. Eight per pack.

Price: £3.50 (4ins), £3.99 (15ins)