Guru Hybrid Feeder

Guru’s Hybrid feeders were developed by World Feeder Champ Steve Ringer and Guru brand manager Adam Rooney. They feature a contoured, raised lip that encloses the bait parcel, combining the benefits of a Method and a pellet feeder with superb casting properties.

Holes in the base and slits in the walls of the feeder let in water to break down the contents immediately. The system is totally compatible with Guru’s X-Safe Method feeders. In Mini (24g), Small (24g and 36g) and Large (28g and 45g) versions. 

Price: £2.25-£2.50


• Holes in the base and slits in the side walls allow a quick but controlled breakdown of the contents

• Raised sides help keep bait in place on the cast

• Compatible with the X-Safe system – the only safe elasticated feeder system

• Weight-forward aerodynamic design aids casting

• Virtually indestructible one-piece body

• Quick and easy to load

• Commercial camo paint finish