Fox Royale 60in Brolly System

A bechaair-compatible brolly gives freedom of movement to quickly up-sticks and move when fish show on another part of the lake, but a bivvy provides far superior all-round weather protection.

Now you can get the best of both worlds for under £200 with the Fox Royale 60-inch Brolly System.

The Royale replaces the old Fox Warrior version and can be easily erected and securely pegged down in brolly mode in less than three minutes.

Adding the supplied heavy-duty groundsheet and zip-on door system to transform the brolly into a fully-enclosed bivvy takes another two minutes.

Made from a tough, hard-wearing polyester fabric, the shelter is light to transport in a standard quiver, yet pegs down to be extra-taught against wind and rain.

The main brolly is designed so that four rear ribs all touch the ground, and each has a pegging point for increased stability.

Inside, the supplied heavy-duty groundsheet attaches securely to the base of the brolly via a series of heavy snap-lock connectors to eliminate any possible drafts sneaking in from back or sides.

Extra space inside the brolly has been created by a new design that raises the umbrella’s central spokes closer to the canopy fabric, giving welcome extra headroom when you’re laying on your bedchair.

Changing from an open brolly to an enclosed bivvy is simplicity itself. The door panel zips straight into the mouth of the brolly and two supplied storm poles locate in Velcro outer flaps to provide tension. Extra rigidity comes from two, internal, clip-in side bars.

In summer the door can be left fully open, or with a full mozzie mesh infill and side windows. You can also quickly zip-in a solid, see-through PVC door window if rain threatens, or install a full fabric front in colder conditions.

In summer I always use a brolly, rather than a bivvy but, if the wind changes direction in the night and suddenly blows in your face, it’s a swine of a job in the dark to unpeg a brolly, turn it round and reposition all your kit.

With this system you can leave the brolly in place and simply zip on and peg out the front system in a flash (loads of good, heavy-duty pegs are provided), then you’ll be snug as a bug!

RRP £199.99