Fox Rangemaster 20 Carbon Throwing Stick

If you’re used to a plastic or metal throwing stick you’ll immediately notice how light the Rangemaster 20 Carbon Throwing Stick is when you pick it up.

This lightweight design makes sticking out baits an effortless task and allows you to put out a large bed of bait without suffering severe arm-ache.

One of the stick’s unique features is the loading port positioned just above the handle – a first on a carbon throwing stick, we believe.

This makes it easier and faster to load the stick which allows the user to maintain a much more consistent rhythm when putting a quantity of bait out. It also means you can keep your eyes focused on the area you want the boilies to land.

The oval-profiled handle prevents the stick twisting in your hand and ensures your stick stays perfectly straight which greatly aids accuracy, ensuring no bait is wasted.

The R20 is a tad heavier than the other carbon sticks on the market but this is only because the team at Fox wanted it to last and didn’t want to reduce the wall thickness.

In the right hands, and with a good technique, the stick is capable of putting a boilie in excess of 160 yards.

RRP £79.99