Fox Explorer Barrow


- Ergonomically shaped removable handles

- Robust, hi-tensile steel frame 

- Quick-release wheel system with pneumatic tyre

- Swivelling mudfeet with spiked bases

- Compact pack-down design to fit in the smallest of car boots 

- Two FX Universal Barrow Straps with looped attachments to the frame

- Camo storage bag 

- Two mesh storage pockets (with side access) either side of the wheel 

- Compatible with the new Fox Camolite luggage range

Also available is an extendable front bag rack, which allows the Camolite Barrow Bag to sit right at the front of the barrow in ‘session mode’ when carrying a bedchair.

When fishing days without a bed, simply retract the front rack and turn the Barrow Bag round to face you.

This unique new Fox Explorer barrow for the day session angler is designed with versatility in mind – it can be tweaked for use on longer sessions where bedchairs and extra tackle are needed.

The idea is that the angler leaves most of his tackle in situ on the barrow while he fishes, so that packing up and moving swims can be done quickly with little hassle.

Thanks to an extendable front barrow bag rack, more space is made available for carrying extra kit. When these items are added the barrow remains well balanced.

The feature-packed Explorer comes with a drop-in, central storage bag in the Fox Camo pattern, along with two mesh storage pockets, one either side of the wheel, that are perfect for storing items such as a 5-litre water bottle and bait.

Bag and pockets have zipped sides for quick and easy access, with no need to take any items off of the barrow.