Fox Edges PVA Bag Rigs

The perfect length for use with solid PVA bags, these rigs are made with Fox’s ultra-sharp Arma Point SSBP and SSBP (barbless) hooks. Each pack of two incorporates the very supple Edges Reflex Hooklength braid, one in Light Camo and one in Dark Camo. Edges Trans Khaki Micro Line Alignas go over the eye of the hook to ensure it turns quickly into the fish’s mouth. A short length of Trans Khaki Hook Silicon is used on the hook shank to trap the hair in place, with a Trans Khaki Micro Anti Tangle Sleeve completing the set-up.

Hook sizes are again matched to line breaking strains, and can be attached to the swivel of an Edges Ready-tied Leader via a loop-to-loop connection.

Price: £3.49