Fox Edges Kuro S4 Carp Rig

Perfect for runs as well as hard-fished waters, the Kuro S4 Carp Rig is tied using Edges Cortex Matt Hooklink material, with barbed or barbless Kuro S4 XS hooks.

The rig comes with a size 7 standard swivel, Kwik Change Swivel and Flexi Ring Swivel options. The set-up can be attached to the swivel of an Edges ready tied leader via a loop-to-loop connection, and is available in hook sizes 2, 4, 6 and 8.

It comes in choices of Weed Green or Gravel Brown, and features Trans Khaki Line Aligna Adaptor and Anti-Tangle Sleeve, and a Trans Khaki Hook Silicone placed on the shank of the hook to trap the hair in place.

Supplied with free extending Hair Boilie stops, the hook sizes are geared to line breaking strains – 15lb for size 8, 20lb for size 6 and 25lb for sizes 2 and 4.

Price: £2.25