Fox Easy Mat

Among a steady stream of capable new carp products launched this year by Fox International, none have been better than this outstanding Easy unhooking mat. In development for 12 months, it is unlike anything else on the market as it features a ‘pop-up’ frame. It packs down very compactly, and can be set up in the blink of an eye.

Its supple sides create a perfect cradle shape that helps prevent your prize catch from flipping or sliding off the mat. The base is extremely well padded with 50mm of dense foam, and features a fish-friendly finish to ensure your catch is well cossetted during the unhooking and photographing process.

Two sizes are available – standard, which is ideal for virtually all UK carping, and extra-large, just the thing for those titanic French carp. The standard size mat has open dimensions of 108cm x 50cm x 15cm (52cm x 56cm x 13cm packed down), and weighs 2.5kg, while the extra-large measures 119cm x 66cm x 18cm (open) and 88cm x 60cm x 13cm (packed down), and weighs 3.4kg. Neither takes up much precious van or car space. 

Both mats feature reinforced carry straps and come with their own handy carry bag.

Price: £69.99 (standard), £89.99 (extra-large)