E-S-P Syncro XT Loaded Line

Hardened carpers will be well aware of ESP’s original Syncro XT mono but new for the 2014-15 season comes the Loaded version, a darker less obtrusive line with slight changes to the overall surface finish to produce a reel line that sinks even faster than its predecessor. Available on bulk 1,000m spools in 10lb, 12lb, 15lb and 18lb breaking strains, XT Loaded has great knot strength, if anything slightly understated to what’s on the spool meaning you’ll be fishing with line that’s completely reliable, even under extreme stress and strain. The line sinks almost unaided with the dark olive pigment impregnated into each spool meaning it all but disappears against any lakebed backdrop, vital in gin clear winter conditions.

Price: £19.95 for 1,000m