Drennan Polemaster Rigs

These were one of the first pre-tied pole rigs to get it dead right. They’re available in either Dibber, Choppa, Lake and Carp 1 to 7 (all RRP £3.55), or in Tuff Eye 1 or Tuff Eye 2 patterns (£3.65), which are my all-time favourites.

In typical Drennan style, each header card is packed with information about rig length, mainline and hooklength breaking strain and diameter and hook size and type. Strangely, this info isn’t on the rig winder, only on the header card.

It also gives a very useful, recommended elastic range and even different shotting patterns to achieve various presentations and speed of bait fall to suit conditions.

The two Tuff Eye pole types secure the fine wire eye in a streamlined plastic housing to prevent it pulling out and come with four, different colour, push-in sight tips.

RRP FROM £3.65