Drennan Ghost top kits

Drennan has just released a selection of Ghost top kits to complement its ever-growing range of poles.

The special light grey-coloured paint finish was first seen on its Acolyte Margin Carp pole, and proved such a success that the company has now added the same ‘Ghost’ finish as an option to its standard Carp Plus tops. These are designed for the standard 2.89m Carp Kits and Double 2 Carp Kits that come with the Acolyte, Acolyte Carp and Series 7 poles.

Usefully, a Drennan Ghost Kit doesn’t cost any extra than the equivalent top kit without the special paint finish, so you can buy them separately. There are five different Ghost Kit top-2s currently available.

Prices: Ghost Margin Kit (2.33m) £49; Drennan Ghost Carp Kit (2.89m) £49; Drennan Ghost Double 2 Carp Kit (2.89m) £49; Acolyte Ghost Carp Kit (2.89m) £79; Acolyte Ghost Double 2 Carp Kit (2.89m) £79