Drennan Crystal Dibbers

Released to mass acclaim this summer, Drennan’s unique Crystal technology was once just the domain of wagglers and running-line floats – but it has now entered the pole float market and really turned some heads! But what’s so great about these little beauties?

An obvious advantage of a Crystal Dibber is that it’s unobtrusive in clear or shallow water whereas a solid-coloured float will cast a shadow and is more visible to fish. The end result is that with a clear float you’ll get a lot more bites be that in clearing winter water or shallow margins and around islands in the summer months.

Light but supper buoyant, the floats are also very squat in length with a domed glow tip that’s easy to see, even when holding 18m of pole in a ripple. They’re durable too as the bonded glass stem gives strength and stability plus plenty of durability if your swim is snaggy. The side eye is also fixed in such a way that it won’t rip out when put under extreme pressure. Available in 0.2g, 0.3g and 0.4g sizes to cover all shallow and margin fishing work.