Drennan Carp 1 and Carp 2 Pole Floats

Drennan's latest Carp 1 and Carp 2 pole floats to their ranges are built with strength in mind, and the high grade balsa bodies will take a good loading of shot.

An ultra-tough acrylic paint finish all but does away with the likelihood of the mainline cutting into the float’s body, and black stainless spring eyes won’t pinch the line when it’s under tension.
A securely bonded carbon stem and hollow plastic Glow Tip with strengthening spigot add still more to the durability of these floats. The Carp 1 is of a slim, body-down oval shape with a medium length 1.5mm diameter hollow tip. The Carp 2’s thicker 1.7mm tip allows you to drag some line along the bottom, and is banded to help with bite detection. Eight sizes from 0.1g up to 1.0g are available with red-black-yellow or yellow-black-yellow banded tips.

Price: £1.75