Diablo Toasted Snack Maker

Sometimes, without any advertising drive or obvious link to angling, something makes a big splash in the carp world. Enter the Diablo.

Well-known anglers who used to flood social media with ‘atmospheric’ photos of boiling kettles are now displaying pictures of their toastie-making skills with this little device. It has become the non-essential accessory to have, and we can see why.

This simple tool will make sweet and savoury toasties with the minimum of fuss and mess. Diablos have been around for years and are not specifically aimed at carp anglers, but they just fit in so well.

There are pages-long threads on angling forums devoted to the best recipes, and the options are plentiful. Cheese and pickle?  Come on, live a little. Chorizo, mozzarella and jalapeño peppers wrapped in a toasted pitta bread? That’s more like it! Throw in a white-bread Nutella and banana toastie for pudding and you’re sorted. The best bit? There’s no need to grease anything and no mess.

Price: RRP £22.50