Daiwa Tournament 500 Seatbox

New Daiwa seat boxes are always eagerly-awaited thing and if you thought the Tournament 400 system of last year couldn’t be bettered, you’d better think again as the new for 2015 Tournament 500 leaves its predecessors firmly in its wake!

The most versatile modular seat box that Daiwa has produced, every inch oozes quality, class but more importantly for the angler, ease of use an practicality and you’ll find the likes of World Champion Steve Ringer and William Raison perched on top of one this winter, both men having a massive amount of input into the finished product.

The end result is a superb box with modern sleek lines in keeping with the current vogue, a million miles away from the plastic tub of a box common in the 1980’s yet despite this slenderness, the box won’t wobble or groan once you’re sat on it, being completely solid and that’s down to the incredibly strong aluminium frame with the special ‘bridge’ support system that’s been rigorously tested both on and off the bank.

Another key feature of the 500 is the slim, spring loaded, one touch clip system (OTC), which provides easy opening and closure of trays. The thinner profile of these means that shallower 20mm layers can be added to the box, trays that can be used to fine tune the preferred configuration and finished seating height of the box. Plus, thanks to the special tray locators fitted in each corner, accurate and quick tray fitting is assured whatever way you choose to mix them on the morning of your session.

Six telescopic legs form the bedrock of the boxes stability and these are much shorter than you’d normally find on a box, meaning that not only do they not get in the way when fishing but also placing the box much closer to the ground (around 25mm clearance when the box is placed on even ground or platforms). A neat addition is an extra short leg, which gives improved clearance when margin fishing at an angle across the box.

On the storage front, the 500 packs six 20mm modular trays with an internal depth of 17mm plus one further tray in the lid of the base layer module plus one double cross drawer unit with a shallow tray sited on top; you’ll also get a deep centre drawer unit completely free of charge. To ensure that you’ve got the pole winders to fit these trays, Daiwa also supply 50 winders of two sizes to help you on your way.

Footplates are a vital part of the modern seat box and the 500 isn’t left wanting on this front either with an integrated retractable non-slip model that tucks away under the box when stored, all situated underneath an incredibly comfortable deluxe pole seat with padded removable carry strap.

Tournament 500 seat box key features:
One touch clip (OTC) system
Aluminium construction with bridge support system
Integrated and retractable footplate
Six 20mm modular trays (internal depth of 17mm) plus one in the base layer lid
One double drawer unit with shallow tray sited on top
Two full seat box trays of winders in two sizes (total of 50 winders)
One FREE deep centre drawer unit (22cm x 26cm x 4.5cm) with space on top of the unit to keep larger items
Adjustable and removable shoulder strap
Compact hand wheels with no mark function
Two colour options (Blue & Black/Red & Black)

Price: RRP: £599