Cygnet Tackle Grand Sniper D/L Pod

If you're looking for a pod to use both at home and on the continent then the Grand Sniper Deluxe pod from Cygnet Tackle is definitely worth a look.

It comes supplied with two 10ins and two 12ins legs that allow rods to be fished at a normal low level, and two 24ins and two 36ins legs which enable your rods to be fished at a very high elevated position.

Each of the legs can be adjusted independently for a totally secure setup and the both the front and rear buzz bars feature Quicklock mechanisms for easy assembly and disassembly.

The ‘dog-leg’ buzzer bar supports eliminate interference with your indicator system. And when your rods are in an elevated position the buzzer bars can be adjusted so that your alarms are always at 90 degrees to your rods.

Overall, a truly versatile product and a ‘must have’ for pod lovers out there.

RRP: £189.99