Cygnet 20/20 Snugs 2 and 3 Rod Buzz Bars

These super slim two- and three-rod Snugs buzz bars are not only ultra-cool, but they take up very little space, and are lightweight and totally awesome-looking.   They comprise 16mm solid aluminium bars with 22mm collars, anodised in black.   One of the best things about Cygnet Snugs is their diverse size range – you can mix and match them to your reels, the space you need or the splay you want on your rods, offering a fully customised set-up. 

Price: 2 Rod Snugs 4.5ins, 5ins, 5.5ins and 6ins, all £9.99 3 Rod Snugs 8.5ins, 9.5ins, 10.5ins and 11.5ins, all £12.99