Chapman’s Angling Stillwater Pro Elite Deluxe Seat Box

A major stumbling block when it comes buying a top of the range seat box is the extra cash you have to splash out on the relevant accessories – but that’s not the case with the flagship of the Chapman’s Angling range, the Stillwater Pro Elite Deluxe.

More than just a box, the Pro Elite Deluxe delivers all you’ll need to create the ultimate fishing station including keepnet arms, umbrella arm, bump bar and a whole lot more alongside a box that’s well worth talking about!

Starting at the top you’ll find a luxury padded pole seat with a retaining channel and strap in the middle to help anchor the butt section when fishing with a rest while below this are two 9cm deep individual storage compartments stacked on top of each other followed by a brace of 2cm deep shallow front-opening drawers and two deeper 3.5cm front which makes up the boxes removable, sliding cassette with a lid that locks in place below the main drawer module.

The mainframe is sturdy stuff and completely dependable even when the legs are fully extended, each leg being telescopic with swivel mudfeet and tucked away underneath is what all top boxes needed, a heavy duty sliding cassette-type footplate.

And what about those extras? There’s more than enough to keep you happy with a removable padded shoulder strap, two keepnet arms, an umbrella arm, a full pole bump bar and a side tray with under-sliding storage bowl to keep bait dry in the rain – simply stunning!

RRP: £449.99