Avid Reaction CRV (Curve Shank)

The long-awaited Avid Reaction range of barbed and barbless hooks in sizes 4-10 covers just about every modern carp tactic. Between them, the four patterns are perfect for chod and zig rigs and solid PVA bag work, as well as the more complex anti-eject, KD, 36, and Withy Pool rigs, using standard pop-up and bottom baits.

All hooks are finished in Avid’s bespoke non-glare green that adds to their concealment and camouflage factor. Made from a super strong carbon steel wire, they are sticky sharp straight from the packet, so there’s no need to sharpen or tweak them in any way.

With a pronounced curved shank and in-turned eye, this hook is ideal for many types of aggressive presentations. It will flip over and turn in a carp’s mouth very quickly and is perfect for use with any pop-up or bottom bait. When tying KD, 360 or Withy Pool rigs this should be your choice.

Price: £5.25