30Plus Centium DFX Wireless Alarm Set

This flagship wireless bite alarm set from specimen fish company 30Plus uses the latest ‘rolling code’ technology, so that no other remote unit on the water can interfere with yours.

The handsome set comprises three alarm heads and one receiver in a presentation case. Also included are three Kodex indicators valued at £32.97, giving a full catalogue price of £277.92. However, as part of a money-saving promotional deal through participating tackle shops, they’re currently being offered at £159.99.

Top alarm features include: volume, tone and sensitivity controls, interchangeable colour light latch covers, silent set-up mode, fully cased electronics to prevent water ingress and unique thread-on collar to enable the bobbin/hanger to be screwed directly to alarm without the need for a hockey-stick attachment. Works off a 9v battery.

The compact receiver will take up to four alarms and works off three AAA batteries over a 100- metre range. Features include a vibration-only option, five setting volume control, interchangeable facias and optional belt clip attachment.

Full catalogue price £277.92