Mitchell's new Avocast 7000 and 8000 reels

Mitchell has entered the reel glamour stakes with the release of these stunning Avocast Black Editions. 

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The all-black big pit-style reels have 7000 and 8000 body sizes, although in profile they do look very compact. 

These distance-casters pack in many technical features of use to the modern carper or big-fish specialist.

A greased felt multi-disc precision front drag is quick easy to set, and doesn’t over-tighten too quickly when you’re playing a big fish straight off the clutch. You can’t say that about all new fast-drag big pit reels!

Ultra-flat folding handles will appeal to anglers who like a tight set-up… and the 4+1 stainless bearing configuration gives super-smooth slow oscillation that lays line down perfectly across the spool and allows you to cast into the next county without a hitch.

Other key features are the impressive 4.3:1 gearing ratio recovering 0.83m (7000 size) and 0.98m (8000 size) of line per handle crank. Long coned aluminium spools hold an impressive amount of line, and you won’t need a Love Island six-pack to handle these reels – the 7000 weighs just 615g. 

Even better news is that Mitchell has these very carpy winches on a ‘buy two, get one free’ deal.

Mitchell Avocast main 2.jpg

Price: £89.99 (7000), £99.99 (8000)