Black Viper MK 850 FD reel

Browning Viper FD reel.jpg

It isn't just the Black Viper Feeder rods that Browning has got right.

The latest Black Viper MK FD reels, crafted to cope with the rigours of long-distance feeder work, are their perfect partner. 

A fast 5.5:1 retrieve speed cranks in an impressive 105cm of line per spool oscillation, and the reel also boasts an oversized wide, shallow spool that copes equally well with braid and mono liines. 

It can be filled without resorting to lots of backing line, the pleasing end result being faster and longer, consistently accurate casts. 

The specialist Viper model also features a sophisticated worm shaft gearing which ensures effortless retrieval, even when winching in the heftiest of feeders or leads. 

Other key features include a non-twistline roller supported by ball-bearings, large surface multi-disc front drag system, aluminium long stoke spare spool, and CNC-made anodised stainless steel handle. You indeed get a lot for your not-inconsiderable outlay.